Sit with me while we wait

Patience. Not my favorite word and I’m sure it’s not yours either. You see I feel like in church we are always reminded about what God can do. How big he is and all his miracles throughout the Old and New Testaments but one thing is usually left out.

The patient waiting.

If you have read or watched the Chronicles of Narnia Series, you will remember this quote. I call all time soon. Lucy asked Aslan when he would save them and help them and he said soon and replied with this quote. Likewise, Our God is not a microwave God. He’s more of a roasting God.

Wait, Wait, hang on with me here. I promise I haven’t lost all my marbles, only a few. You see here in America we live with instant access to pretty much everything. We have fast food so you don’t have to cook, home delivery show you don’t have to shop, and microwaves where you can warm up a Poptart in five seconds if you think one minute in the toaster is too long. We live in a time of thirty-second videos and five-second commercials. We live in the speediest time there has ever been in history. But God is an unchanging God. It says in the Bible he is the same yesterday and today and forever. He’s the same God who told David he would be king years before it happened. He is the same God who told Noah to build an ark that would take over a hundred years to complete. He’s the same God who was with Joseph while he was a slave for thirteen years before he rose to power.

You see God is more of a roasting and smoking kind of guy opposed to fast food eater. He sprinkles on spices and special rubs, turning the meat to perfection. Smoking the food for hours or sometimes even days before it’s ready to eat. Yes, it’s hard to sit and watch him cook and smell the aroma but not be able to taste any of it. But trust me, it will taste better than that mushy pop tart fresh out of the microwave. It will be one of the best meals you’ve ever had.

When I pray, I feel like I deserve an instant answer and an instant miracle, but God has shown that even though he can work quickly, he usually takes his time to give each prayer the time and energy it deserves. He doesn’t rush things.

Abraham was an old man…I mean an old, old man. In his late seventies to early eighties when God first told him he would be the father of nations. Abraham believed him fully, but years went on and nothing happened. With poor judgment on his part, he tried to bring about God’s promises himself with the birth of Ishmael. That only caused him and his family more trouble.

 Ten more years passed, and he spoke with God again. He told Abraham that his promise was still coming. Abraham’s own wife was tired of waiting and laughed in disbelief. This didn’t stop God.

When God promises something, it will happen. It doesn’t mean it will happen right this moment or event his year.

I know, I know, this is a hard pill to swallow. Whether it be a few months or years what is promised will come, we just have to be patient. Abraham waited twenty years to kiss the face of his son, the first token of God’s promise.

I’m not going to lie to you and say it’s easy to wait. Abraham tried to make his way and so did countless others causing themselves anguish. But all will come in God’s timing.

It’s hard to wait for what God has promised, heartbreaking at times, but I will wait because I know his plan is best, and doing it myself without his blessing can cause a lot of problems.

If you are like me and still waiting on something, come here and take a seat. I have a cup of coffee or tea whatever your pleasure is. I might even have a cookie or two to share. Let’s wait here in the quiet, ignoring the microwave and the internet to sit in God’s presence. We know what he’s cooking will taste far better than what we can make with our easy bake oven we have stashed in the corner. Because his promises are worth the wait.


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