What is a Warrior Princess

What does it mean to be a warrior princess?

She is someone who listens to the wounded heart and comforts the broken. One who knows to hold her tongue when anger prowls. A woman who is bold, brave, and draws beauty from within her soul.  She is strong yet loving, calm yet passionate.

Our culture has a thing or two to say about women. Okay, a million things.

Young girls are told to use their bodies to their advantage. Expose what should be secret and sacred. Lies like, “Your beauty comes from your face and body.” are broadcasted across the nation. Simultaneously on another channel more messages squeal,

“Don’t let a man hold you back, be loud and proud. “

“Let your voice be heard above all others, even the hurting.”

“Be defiant and don’t let anyone tell you what to do.”

Somewhere along the line women got tired of being the maiden in distress and kicked the prince out of the story. We twirled his crown and wore it instead of our own. But in doing so we lost our greatest strength. Our femineity. Our grace.

We were not made to be the woman in distress. We were made to be women leading the charge side by side with our brothers.

You don’t have to act like a man to be a strong woman. You are a strong woman because you are made to do the things a man can’t do.

This will rattle some cages but last time I checked Jesus was okay with challenging the way people think.

The Bible shows us the superwomen who fought for the truth and for what is right. These women were anything but timid. Have you heard the story of Jael, the woman who drove the tent peg through an enemy commander’s skull? I think that’s a perfect picture of a strong woman. That evil commander named Sisera thought he was safe because he was with a woman. What could a woman do? As he rested soundly, Jael used the tools around her to end a tyrant’s reign.

How about Deborah, the judge who led men into battle with a song? I would say she is the definition of strength combined with beauty. Deborah, a woman prophet, was a rare breed. She was respected so much that the leader of the Israelite army didn’t want to go to battle without her. She warned him that if he wouldn’t stand up, God would give the glory to a woman instead of him. Which ended up happening despite her warnings.

What about Esther who faced death to save her people? She stood in the gap alone for her entire race. Haman, her uncle’s enemy, thought his plan of revenge was foolproof. Little did he know the king’s wife would be his demise and he would be begging her for his life.

These women of the Bible worked side by side with men and even saved them from death. Jael saved a nation with a tent peg, Deborah saved a man along with his army, and Esther saved her people from extinction.

God made men and women to be a team, not enemies. Let’s be honest though, men can be stubborn. The women of the Bible would sometimes have to grab men by the hair and drag them to kicking and screaming their destiny.

Like Moses’ wife who did the task God demanded of Moses, but he refused to do.

Like Abigail who saved David from becoming a bloody king like his predecessor Saul.

Or the servant girl who told Naaman, a warrior, the way to be healed by submitting.

These women were graceful but bold. Caring but brave. They are the warrior princesses that came before us and the role models that lead us on. They led the men in their lives to safety, and in turn, the men owed them their lives.

Now we women have our faults too, that’s why God made both genders complementary to the other so we can help each other in our weaknesses.

To my sisters in the faith, I want to encourage you. You have power and a voice given to you by God. Not a voice to tear others down and build yourself up but a voice to speak the truth in love. Use it wisely.

Wield the sword of the spirit, the Bible, and use it to grow wise. Show others the power and love within its pages. Stay kind but don’t be a doormat. You are God’s treasured possession. A sparkling jewel in a crown to be polished and treasured. Don’t be fooled by the Devil’s lies. God will wield you like a weapon, cutting down the enemy and setting the captives free.

You, my sister, are a warrior and God’s daughter. You are a Warrior Princess who will never back down from the war for salvation.


8 thoughts on “What is a Warrior Princess”

  1. Beautifully said. These are great examples of femininity and courage. I was very very encouraged by your words. Thank you.

  2. You hit the nail on the head when you stated women forsake their true strength when they decide to be men. We trade something glorious and wonderful in a strong and quiet spirit like the woman of Proverbs for a feeble sham when we discredit men and try claiming their gifts as ours. Great starting blog, Julia!

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