Author name: Julia N. White

Julia is an adventurous warrior princess at heart who desires to write exciting clean fantasy for young adults navigating a dangerous world. She is a Sunday school teacher and a former homeschooler. When she isn’t working at her day job, she is either typing away on her current manuscript or making things out of epoxy resin. She lives with her knight in shining armor (aka her husband) and their fluffy twenty-pound cat Aslan.

God’s promises are like Cactus

Like the cactus He works slowly and deliberately. Weeks, months, and years pass by, and I want to pull my hair out in frustration, but God is working on my life in his timing. He will not rush something beautiful. He is going to take His time and cultivate the best for me because I am His child and He loves me. My only job is to be still and wait.


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A Warrior Princess: Esther’s Story

What is a Warrior Princess? She is a girl who stands up against darkness without losing her light. A woman who doesn’t care about her reputation but fiercely defends the unloved and weak. A daughter of the King who does not sacrifice her femineity for power.

Throughout history, many Warrior Princesses and queens have arisen. One of the most noticeable is Ester. Esther was a young orphan raised by her older cousin but dearly loved by him. Xerxes the Persian king who oppressed Ester’s people, the Israelites, had an issue with his wife. She defined him in front of his guests. That is something he could have. He kicked her out of the palace and out of the kingdom. Demoting her from riches to rags.


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The Christmas Ceasefire

During World War I in 1914, a miraculous event occurred that still confounds individuals and historians to this day.

On Christmas Eve, despite the mud and harsh living conditions, British soldiers huddled in their trenches in a desperate attempt to stay warm. When the war started in the summer of 1914 the soldiers were told the fighting would be over by Christmas, and they would be home singing carols with their families. Spirits grew heavy as the young men instead spent Christmas surrounded by gunfire, dirt, and the smell of sulfur.

That is until something floated through the air from the German side of the trenches.


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